Our Instructors

Our Mother-daughter team are both certified through BASI (Body Arts and Science International). 

Sharné de Wet


At the end of my high school career, with twelve years of dance training behind me, I was introduced to the wonders of Pilates. During my "gap year", I completed the MTTC with Ed Botha at EdB Pilates in Cape Town, started my own studio called Balance Pilates, while also preparing for my final dance examinations. These included Advanced 1 Cecchetti Ballet, Advanced AIDT Modern and Gold Higher AIDT Tap Dancing. By then, I had set aside the thought of studying with my peers and enrolled at Broadway Dance Center, in New York City, for their Professional Semester Dance Program. Since I had to leave my studio behind, I convinced my mom, Robin de Wet, to also do the MTTC and keep it running while I was away. Now the Pilates-bug has bitten her too. I absolutely thrive on movement and through the years have discovered the importance of moving safely, recruiting the correct muscles. Pilates is my magic formula, and I want to share it with the world. 

Robin de Wet​


My journey to becoming a certified Pilates Instructor has been very rewarding. I qualified in Public Relations and Communications through the Northwest University (PUKKE), became an experienced Home Executive ("housewife" is fine too), a practiced Personal Assistant/Bookkeeper/Wife, and a seasoned Home-school Mom of two. Then my children grew up. The season had dawned for me to step out of my comfort zone, and do something different from anything I had done before. Sharné inspired me to join her Pilates venture in order to ward off that "Empty Nest Syndrome" that would inevitably come. I faced the challenge. The  BASI MTTC has brought new life into my bones! I am passionate about seeing how Pilates can not only change a person's body, but also one's outlook on life for the better, as it has mine.

Jo, Flamingo Jo


Jo is the newest addition to our team. He is our proud mascot. He is qualified at being a flamingo, epitomizing everything Flamingo! Some say he is named after Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, but Jo has neither confirmed nor denied that rumour. Despite his pink complexion, Jo is a force to be reckoned with. He keeps a watchful eye over every class and nothing escapes him. He is also passionate about progress - especially with regards to posture, as he prides himself on having the perfect stance (although that leaves much to be said about the Plumb-line). His other passion is balance - hence our name Balance Pilates - although he is still striving to stand on one leg. Jo, however, encourages balance in all aspects of life, namely physical health, mindset, and of course lifestyle. Jo is patient and accommodating and never says anything negative. He is kind and loving, although his hugs are rather awkward due to his beaded abs. But we love Jo and would never say anything to ruffle his feathers!